Open Source or Microsoft

Helps With

Helps With
  • Understanding which to choose
  • Understanding which is better
  • Understanding which costs more
  • Identify which a website is.

Which is better - neither. They are both a set of tools. They both have advantages and disadvantages.

I choose to use Microsoft technologies because:

  • I understand them
  • I find the support/backup is exceptional
  • I find that well coded solutions are easy to develop, support and debug
  • I believe that users are comfortable with the solutions
  • I believe that the resources and people are available to support solutions so you are only tied to me because I give good service, not because I'm the only person who can do it
  • I have libraries of pre-written procedures for many tasks.

For most Microsoft based websites, the pages have a name and then an extension of:

  • asp
  • aspx

If the extension is htm or html it could be either Microsoft of Open Source based. Things like pgp etc are Open Source.