Newsletters and Email Tracking

Helps With

Helps With
  • Choosing an email tracking system
  • assessing your priorities
  • getting best use from the data collected
  • staying within the spam laws

This helpsheet is a series of questions that are designed to help you understand the various options wen setting up a system to send emails. The answers have to come from you, however most of the questions are easy to answer if you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve.

Q1 Do you want a hosted service, a hosted system, a stand alone system?

  • A hosted service is a server, somewhere in a data centre that you rent a part of.
  • A hosted system is a server that you own, but hosted in a data centre.
  • A stand alone system may be an application on a local machine that pumps out the mail (not recommended!)

Q2 Do you need a system that is integrated into your other systems?

  • where does it get the recipient email addresses from
  • where does any unsubscribe and bounce information go, and how is this information managed (or does it only sit within the mail system)
  • do you need any information transferred back to your back office systems

Q3 Is it illegal? Immoral? Or worse still…SPAM!

  • are all the recipients from opt-in lists
  • who is responsible for ensuring that the sending SMTP server is not blacklisted

Q4 Who gets the email?

  • everyone in your database (that has not unsubscribed)
  • do you need to select subsets to target specific information at them
  • do you need to send a sequence of emails as a result of someone subscribing

Q5 What do you need to track when sending the mail?

  • how many mails were sent, and to whom
  • who opened the mail
  • who clicked on particular links in the email
  • who bought something as a result of the mail
  • who unsubscribed, and from which email they did so
  • do you want this information put back into your CRM system

Q6 What is the content of the mail?

  • is it HTML or plain text
  • how big is the mail (in kb)
  • are pictures included in the mail, or hosted on a web server somewhere
  • do you need to do a mail merge to enter Surname, Forename etc…

Q7 How important is the timing of the emails?

  • does the first one of the batch have to go out within 20 mins of the last one
  • could the mails be spread evenly over the month – one every 43 seconds
  • does it have to be sent during working hours
  • do you want them only sent on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as these are more likely to get a response