Mail To, Forms and Wizards

Helps With

Helps With
  • Understanding how people can contact you
  • Understanding Pros and Cons of each

There are two main ways to collect visitor information from your website:

  • Mail to
  • Forms

Both can result in an email being sent to you.

Mail To

The visitor clicks on a hyperlink and this results in an email window being opened using the visitor's email . Then type a message and press send.


  • Guaranteed correct email address
  • Very cheap and easy to implement


  • Relies on their email system
  • Cannot control what they enter
  • Enables spiders to get your email address.(which can result in unwelcome email - spam)


The visitor is taken to a page that has a several fields to be filled in. Some fields can be made compulsory. When submitted, the server generates the email to you.


  • Can make fields compulsory
  • Can collect specific information
  • Conceals the email address it is sent to
  • Can develop into a Wizard


  • More complex (costly) to set up
  • can discourage visitors
  • less user friendly?


A Wizard is an extension of a form. It appears as a form to the user but can store the information in a database and use it to develop the interaction with the customer by:

  • asking more questions
  • offering more information that is relevant

As an example, it might be possible to take some personal details, collect a brief requirement and then offer a quote based on the requirements selected.