Call to Action


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

You have a website but it is not generating leads and therefore adding no tangible value to your company.


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

There has to be a clear "call to action" on a website for it to really help the bottom line. This means every page should offer some information and then guide the visitor to fill in a form to request more information, request a call back, get a quote etc. Ideally the call to action should offer them something in return. For example after filling out the form the visitor could be entitled to a 5% discount, access to technical files or free chocolate!


  • Make your website do what it is supposed to do!


  • You want contact details. They want information. It's a fair deal.
  • Eliminates and reduces idle curiosity which acts as a filtering process

Bottom line

  • A website should have a tangible Return on Investment.
  • Enable you to evaluate success of implementation.
  • Can place a value on each website enquiry.