SalesForce Graphs - Annual Perspective


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

A customer using salesforce needs graphs that show an annual perspective based on the financial year. The graphs are essential for high level reporting on leads and opportunties. 


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

<p>Building an apex&nbsp;custom page and controller and SalesForce object that could take the data, perform aggregate functions on it and then use google graphs to display the data. </p><p>By using a custom object, it is possible to store the OSQL (the script that retrieves the data) as a variable in the object, which&nbsp;meant that the object could be re-used for multiple graphs.</p><p>The resulting graphs show values for activities per month, both for the current and previous&nbsp;financial year.&nbsp;</p><p>The graphs included:</p><ul><li>Leads Generated</li><li>Leads Converted</li><li>Opportunities Closed</li><li>Opportunities closed</li><li>Costs associated with lead generation and opportunity closure</li></ul><p>These graphs could also be refined by</p><ul><li>Type of opportunity</li><li>Geographic region</li></ul><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


  • The SalesForce user can navigate to a page within SalesForce and see the graphs


  • The graphs are available within the environment that the user is familiar with
  • Google graphs are a fantastic facility that is free to use

Bottom line

  • To be honest, these were expensive graphs! But they were exactly what the customer needed.