Shortest Posssible URL


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

You're sending out a newsletter and you want to include links to many places. Some of the URLs are massive. Some of the pages may move.


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

It is possible to setup a database of links, and a page that redirects hits to the destination. The URL for the destination can be as short as possible - ie NettMore could use "". You can even purchase a specific domain name for this to minimize the typing. In the event that the link changes, you can simply update the database and divert the hits somewhere else. You can also count the number of people that have visited the link, collecting informatiln about where they have come from.


  • Link is very short, so little typing


  • More likely to be typed
  • Collation of tracking info much easier

Bottom line

  • You are increacing the likelyhood that the visitor will get to where you want them to be