Email Tracking


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

You send out bulk emails to many addresses. You want to know what percentage of these emails are being opened and who goes to you website as a result.


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

Some simple tags in the email can mean that when someone opens an HTML email a server is notified. If you are in complete control of the mailing then it is possible that the number of times each recipient opens the email can be tracked. This infomrmation can be fed back into your CRM system - so that you end up with a history in the form <ul><li>Xmas mailing sent</li><li>Xmas mailing opened 14 Dec</li><li>Xmas mailing opened 16 Dec</li><li>Xmas mailing link to </li></ul>


  • The NMTracking Server can log this information for you, and push it into your systems automatically, or simply allow you to login and see the reports generated.


  • You get a complete understanding of the value that your email is adding.
  • You can learn where the interests of eac idividual client lie.
  • Integration with your CRM system means that you have the info where you need it.

Bottom line

  • You get to measure the return on investment for your email.