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Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

You have a system that you use on a regular basis. Every time that you use the system you are entering the same keystrokes repetitively, sometimes with different data from a database or spreadsheet. The system might be payments on an internet banking system or transferring data into a mainframe from your PC.


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

The NettMore Form Filling tool allows you to define a series of keystrokes (like a macro) and send these keystrokes to a particular window or application on your machine. If you are entering data from a datasource then you can create a connection to the database and define a SQL command to update the data when the keys have been sent. You can try <a href="" target="_blank">the NettMore Form Filling Tool</a> for free by downloading the app from here.


  • Work out what you want to send to the app, and type it in to the app
  • Repeats exactly what you type
  • can access data using a udl string
  • easy to use interface to setup tasks


  • Fits many repetitive tasks
  • Flexible enough to include data
  • Info stored in settings for enxt time
  • Settings automatically locked so that they are not accidentally altered

Bottom line

  • Saves having a person typing data in
  • saves the sanity of the person typeing the data
  • Repeats what you tell it to 100% accurately