Report on data


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

You have a wealth of data in your implmentation, but are limited by the reporting function.


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

Use the NettMore data extraction tool to extract the data from your implementation and place it in a MS SQL Server database. The extraction tool can be run either using a full extract (which can take a while) or on an incremental basis. Reporting functions can then be built using standard tools - Business Objects, Web based reporting, Excel etc. <br/><br/>Download <a href="" target="_blank">the NettMore Data Extraction Tool</a> and try it for free.


  • Simple to install using ClickOnce technology
  • Enter salesforce information and database information and start it off
  • Scheduled invremental extraction


  • Gets the data to a format tha you can use corporate tools to report on.
  • Enables pushing of reports to key management
  • Reporting solutions availble from NettMore
  • Faster access to the data
  • Extracts all custom fields and lookups

Bottom line

  • Cheaper to develop reports on SQL than using the API.
  • Only requires 1 licence to extract the data, all reporting uses SQL licences.