Office Jukebox


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

You'd like to be able to give your office staff the ability to listen to music at their desks, but cannot stand the problems that come from people playing music too loud, or people playing different music


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

The Office Jukebox is a system that streams music from a central server to each desktop. The local speakers are used to play the music, however what is playing is selected by a diplomatic web based system. <ul><li>Download and install the application from the server to play music on the local machine. </li<li>Music is sysnchronised across all machines running the application.</li<li>Add music to the server by copying MP3 files to a shared directory.</li<li>Select the tracks to play using a web interface - simply add them to the bottom of the list to play.</li</ul>


  • Install the server on your network. Instruct users to browse to "Jukebox" and the rest is done for you.


  • All the music is in sync.
  • Add your own music
  • Diplomatic selection of music to play.

Bottom line

  • Cheapest way to add music to your office usig existing infrastructure.