Registration process on Website


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

You have some quality content on your website that you want to use to entice visitors to register before they are given it.


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

By implementing a database to hold e-mail and password information, certain pages on your website can be marked as restricted content and these pages automatically refer you to a registration page. Once registered (or logged in if already registered) then the premium content is available. The information collected in the database can be viewed in an admin web page, e-mailed to a marketing or passed to another system. Quite often it is advantageous to have a taster of the premium content on each page to entice the user in and to give search engines something to see, even if its only the questions that the page will answer.


  • Swap what you want for what they want.


  • A good logging system will tell you which pages the registered e mails were interested in allowing a quality follow up.

Bottom line

  • Lead generation - essential to any business