Website Visitor Analysis


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Definition

You want to be able to examine the quality of visits to your website, to see what they were interested in and what path they took through the site.


Add jobs to Access Accounts - IT Scenario Solution

With Website Visitor Analysis, the individual visits can be examined. Casual visitors of only one page can be ignored. Multiple page visits can be examined in more detail: The domain they came from, The referrer, What pages they visited and how long they stayed,


  • Data processed into information automatically.
  • Drill down to see the areas of interest.


  • A practical approach to viewing the information available.
  • Can analyse the effectiveness of the website.
  • Can see the response on the website to other marketing activity

Bottom line

  • Information levels to development of a better website.
  • Can get direct leads from information presented.